Our Science

Our Boston Innovation Center and Shanghai R&D team pursue novel, cutting-edge technologies and platforms, aiming to deliver transformative medicine for patients.

Therapeutic Focus Area

Our focus is CAR-based adoptive cell therapy for oncology indication, including hematological malignancy and solid tumors. SimnovaBio has a rich R&D pipeline, including both clinical stage and pre-clinical programs. Two autologous CAR-T candidates (CD19 and BCMA) are now in clinical studies. Meanwhile, we are developing proprietary off-the-shelf CAR-NK and BiTE-armed CAR cell therapies. With deep knowledge and expertise in tumor immunobiology, our R&D team is exploring additional areas, such as oncolytic virus, next generation cytokines and cancer vaccine, aiming to boost the potential of adoptive cell therapy and maximize the outcome for patients.

Comprehensive Tumor Immunobiology

Innovative Genetic and Cell Engineering

Proprietary Molecular Design

Efficient Clinical Trials